Manual 8 Steps to a Successful Paintball Team

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Here's a quick buying guide. What paintball gear is good to buy first? Deciding on a New Paintball Gun If you're getting ready to buy a new paintball gun and need some help deciding on what to get, use these tips as a guide Ask them how they like them, and why. When you get hit during a paintball game, you should immediately call out "HIT!

Tips for a Budding Paintball Sniper

Leave the field by the safest direct route while continuing to call out your status as a dead player. A tactical paintball vest will not only keep you from getting bruised when getting hit with a paintball but their also a great strategy for your scenario play. Here's another great Tippmann paintball marker creation from the innovative guys at RAP4. Learn the basics of paintball equipment and the rules of play and find tons of information helpful to the beginning paintballer.

We also have numerous entries offering tips on how to diagnose and fix problems with your gun and other equipment. They say variation is the spice of life; this is true with paintball too! This section is also relevant to our team players out there; learn how to start your own team, get the most out of practicing and tips on getting sponsored are popular posts.

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  • 1. Throw sharp objects.
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Our forum is one of the best ways to learn about paintball — other than actual practice on the field. Feel free to post your ideas, thoughts and reviews about anything paintball; sharing your input and experience may help others learn and have more fun playing. At ChoicePaintballGuns.

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  6. For more great information about paintball, paintball markers, equipment or tactical paintball strategies, check our Facebook page We also have hundreds of blogs about paintball accessories, games, guns and every kind of paintball gear, check our Blog site BT Delta. BT Dfender.

    Paintball Tactics & Tips For Improving Your Paintballing Skills

    BT Omega. BT TM Dye Assault Matrix. Spyder Tactical. Tiberius Arms. US Army Alpha Black. US Army Project Salvo. Tippmann Tippmann A5. Tippmann Cronus. Tippmann Stryker.

    How to Start a Paintball Team

    Tippmann TCR. Tippmann TMC. Tippmann TPX Pistols. Tippmann X7 Phenom. Valken Tactical. M16 Replicas.

    9 effective team building activities to try this year | CIO

    M4 Replicas. AK47 Replicas. Other Military Replicas.

    Team building activities and why they work

    Sniper Paintball Guns. Tactical Paintball Rifles.

    Paintball Pistols. Bolt Action Paintball Guns. Magazine Fed Paintball Guns. Paintball Sub Machine Guns. Paintball Grenade Launchers and Accessories. Bob Long. D3fy D3S. D3fy Conquest.

    Transfer club paintball player hopes to turn tables on former team

    Dangerous Power. DLX Luxe. Dye M2. Empire Axe. Empire Mini. Resurrection Autococker. Empire Sniper Pump. Empire Vanquish. GoG Paintball Guns. HK Army. Invert Mini.

    • Transfer club paintball player hopes to turn tables on former team.
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