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There are a lot of relationships that have to be established. There are also a lot of characters that have to be established. So, to be honest, that would be the answer. I imagine that if there are future Green Lanterns then, of course, a lot more of it will be in the air probably. Can you talk about casting Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan? There were a number of other well known actors who were up the part. What differentiated him that led you guys to cast him?

He looks great and he has a sense of humor. He is physically terrific. I mean, what more could you have? I think we tested something like 8 or 6 people. As for them being in the film, you go through a process of elimination. You go through a studio process where you obviously look for and test out other people.

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For my money, it was always Ryan. I thank god that has turned out to be true. Can you talk about casting Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond. The villain is always important in a comic book movie.

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What did you see in Peter that made you cast him? He is, unfortunately, a product of circumstance. There is a certain pathos there and there is a certain sympathy you get I think from Hector, even though he does some very dastardly things. Peter Sarsgaard is playing Hector and he is one of those wonderful actors that seem to transform himself into another character completely. With a lot of actors you get a variation of the actor that you have seen before, but with Sarsgaard you get something completely different every time, and that is what he did with this.

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I think this part suits him. He has the big head and we have the big head. Again, you have to keep these characters human.

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They have to have personalities. They have to have character. Was there anything he did in particular that surprised you? The truth is that when he put that head on, and it was a 5 or 6 hour process, I never saw him as Sarsgaard. I saw him as two entirely different people. I never considered him as Peter Sarsgaard at all.

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Every scene you tamper around with in terms of dialogue scenes and things like that. I tamper around with those with all of the actors. We try to make them better.

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We discuss them and we work them out. But there was nothing in the action stuff or the big scenes that we…we did preplan very carefully, but outside of that, you hope for a little bit of magic to strike. You hope to correct yourself if you are going off course. Geoff [Johns] has been viable in terms of far be it from me to say that I know all of the Green Lantern lore from beginning to end.

So he has always been, if you will, the dictionary when it comes to keeping the whole thing as accurate as possible. Were there any non science fiction, comic book movies, or stories that may have inspired you when you were tackling this? My favorite when I was brought up was always Batman or Superman in terms of the comic. There were a lot of western comics and bizarro comics. It was stuff like that. But not really. I just treated it in the same way as if I were directing Hamlet. I take it that seriously.

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I treat it the exact same way. A lot of people working on this film seem to compare this film more to Star Wars than comic book movies because there is that space opera element to it. Can you talk about that? It is someone, who on the face should never be a Green Lantern. But the ring recognizes that Hal has those qualities inside of him, and chooses him. So by the end of the movie he has become potentially the greatest Green Lantern in the world.

Those sort of arcs I think are really interesting and that is what is so good about the origin stories. You can start with a rough diamond and end up with a polished gem.

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