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When your child participates in Dolphin Kids, our family of dolphins works hard to give them a better understanding of why marine research and conservation is important. The children who meet a dolphin face to face and interact with these fascinating marine mammals are often inspired to do more to keep our oceans clean and healthy. Who knows! Perhaps after your Dolphin Kids encounter, your child will decide they want to become a marine mammal specialist!

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Please take a look at the Humane Conservation program in which Cabo Dolphins is certified, to learn more about how we care for our dolphins. We guarantee an adventure that reflects our long standing commitment to real life-changing experiences and world-class service. Tours All Tours. To reach the Teluk Kilauan of the western part Lampung city passing interesting sight of its socio economic of tropical cities village surrounded by jungle of rain forrest. Stories and history not so much to tell since it was wipe and drowned away by Krakatoa tsunami waves assume hard hit in eighteen century ago, although mountainous bay area but drowned by large castatroph eruption of underwater mount of Krakatoa.

The traffic from Lampung city is always clear, empty road with some distance of kilometers of miles are worst and full of pool of frogs and deer or bull to bath in mud. To reach Lampung city from Jakarta easy access of 2 hour drive through the Toll between Jakarta and Merak of the tip of north western Java island city. The flights are also available to Lampung. The Merak port is a busy place with specific important path of buses, trucks and private cars queing up to be carried by Sunda strait ferry.

Discovery Keys Shark & Stingray Interaction

From Merak to Bakauheni port of south Sumatra island busiest port takes about 1hour and 45 minutes. It is the only way to accross Java island to Sumatra by cars, motor bikes or bicycles on surface. The ferry charge a fee for a person by foot. A raw plan of Indonesia to make bridge was dimininshed in infrastucture progam of yes and no.

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  4. On the ferry. Cars, buses trucks and bikes parks bumper to bumper on bottom level of deck and all passangers have to climb to first level where the cafes and hawkers offering snack or food of instant noodles in a good manner service not so worst in compare to Titanic of upper duper deck class. On second floor of the ferry there are playing children ground, a pool of fish treatment service for treating your leg dead skin, with a low charge. What a real cheap service but such facisnating experience you can get.

    Public wifi may not available unless you brought a specific modem of well recognize cell provider. If you drive by car Bakauheni to Lampung road condition not so wide, a recklessy car driver now must keep allert of villager on motorbikes might suddenly make a U turn in front.

    Bottlenose Dolphin Meet N Greet - Gulf World Marine Park

    Passing Kalianda and port of Padang Panjang then reach Lampung city where you need to fill up the petrol or diesel in full tank and shop for a snack will be best to prepare. Toward the eastern city Padang Cermin surfacing the bay of Lampung with a good view of villages of about 90 km with 3 hours driving of good and worst road condition will makes you a real homesick or in great cultureshock until you find the gate of Tanggamus district and sign of a greeting at Teluk Kilauan.

    The road is ended, everybody have to walk to reach the inn of villagger of Kilauan. No five star or diamond class hotel available nor auto grill restaurant or steakhouse available.

    Dolphin Dip

    A pizza creamy chesse or apple pie must be in your fatamorgana view to dream of. Reserve the villager inn before you come will be the best way not to be stranded in your own tent. The electricity line is just coming away but not bright like is Vegas of Death Valley. A cool quite night you can hear your own breath or heartbeat at night there, a real healing time to get out and do dissapearance from day to day city activity will make you enjoy the nature of unavailabilty standard tourism.

    The people are friendly since the village is a melting pot of many tribes from all over part of sumatra and java who use to migrate during the national transmigration program in the sixtieth. Two nights stay will be a short visit to explore the nature attractions of the Kilauan bay.

    Publisher Description

    First day if you take an early morning departure before sunrise, you reach at about afternoon of 4th of moslem praying time at about 4 to 5 pm will be the best. Full board meal will be included if you take the excursion of Inn and tour attractions included private tour guide. Tipping is not a custom but is on your poise. First early morning before breakfast, best to explore the open sea to ride specific tradtional wooden boat called jukung to watch the dolphin migrating, but if lucky enough if in the season they will smile at you and do a chit chat,of course the dolphin are not like at the Sea World of Sandiego show.

    They are just migrate from the cool Indian ocean to the warm nothern sea following there main staple food of sardin aws well as plankton. There must be shark in surround the dolphin suggest not to swim at the open sea of strait lampung nor fishing at the dolphin area. Once in a day there was a world news detected that the fisherman catch the dolphin and kill them for the fins to imitate the sark fins sold,but know no one will do that anymore since the fisherman are turning to be the owner, ceo, or boss of the inn at the Kilauan bay enjoy a good money from the tourism.

    Riding a jukung for about one hour or two need a real spirit to split the waves, life jacket is available for each person. The scuba tank and its valve equipment not available, but simple fins and snorkel to be rent at prize of a note half of Obama money. No money changer nor ATM are available at the Kilauan, all payment should be in cash.

    So be ready not to spend a lot for shopping rather than for an instant coffee,coke instant noodle and parking fee and an unconditional small entrance fee. Banana boat or bigger speedboat not available but it is best clue not to spoil the environtment. At the Kilauan Island there is a lodging in simple of two storey wooden house but no electricity from the "Hoover Dam" or "Aswan the Nile", so at night limited light from a small genset may energize to recharge your cellphone battery.

    No bridge or water scooter unless you swim or hire a jukung to reach the island. Exploring the Kilauan island best time is after breakfast A half day snorkling at the Kilauan spot area will be nice to cool of out the hard sunshine, be ready with your sun bathe lotion. Meals such lunch dinner are indonesian food or seafood.

    Share with the warm hospitality of the inn family once during the meals share the stories and jokes wll be fun enough be member of the family. The attraction are not enough in just visiting spots of te island but hearing wild life sound from the bay in the afternoon such a roaring of tiger maybe leopard or black panther and Owa the long tail specific monkey of south sumatra live surround the hill forrest of Kilauan area.

    Hiking to the hill passing the plantation of chocolate and coffee is a such fantastic experience of tropical rain forrest of Sumatra with variety of rare plants spiecies. Heading the Laguna what we called the God's Lagoon , most people said Laguna Dodo, there's not original stories or legend right there the only thing the lagoon form by the lava of Krakatoa and its huge tsunami.

    Tracking for old ladies and bold old man consider a difficult one, it take about an hour to reach the lagoon climbing the hill jumping step stones, guided by local guide will be an easy fun hiking program for all ages of people, hence take a lot of rest time of counting finding imaging the easiest way to climb the stones from many facets. There are three laggoons form by sharp rock with small rocky fish you can swim at the God's lagoon. Next I do not know how to describe the beauty of its nature lagoons and clean bright air and culture schock experience, but it s worth while to visit from far far away countries from Indonesia to South Sumatra called The God's lagoon at the Teluk Kilauan area to have fun and culture schock experience yourself.

    If you need a simple get away beach, Teluk Kiluan is one of the place you should be. This is the beach where you can lay back and enjoy nature.

    You get to see group of dolphins in the ocean and also swim at a beautiful lagoon. Very great service but don't expect a five star ambience. Beware of the road to get to this place as it has so many wrecked roads. But overall great nature enjoyment. I stayed for 2D 1N in a guest house owned by Mr.

    Rico, an infamous local man who is also the guide adviser for the locals. However, we wanted to clarify some of he aforementioned issues: - our dolphins live in the perfect conditions and they are treated by a team of vets and trainers. The facilities are designed in a special way to meet the requirements for the animals. You can find the details about each program in Dolphin Island Park - Action, Experience and Royal, and then decide which one you would like to participate in.

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