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By way of ghosts and fish-men, nuclear threats, and giant spiders, each story seeks to capture the inherent otherworldliness of feeling displaced, while at the same time illuminating the intimate and tenacious beauty of human beings in constant search of human connection. These conversations took place over a sixteen-year period starting in Each interview approaches the topic of poetry in different ways as David Elliott speaks with poets in multiple schools and styles. Some issues—the musicality of poetry, the process of writing, the relationship between the poetry and the life of the poet—are discussed by more than one writer, creating a kind of cross-talk between the poets.

Interviews of ten American poets: W. In April , just five months after being named the first Poet Laureate of Los Angeles, Eloise had a brain injury resulting in Wernicke's aphasia breakdown in the symbol system of language. Poetry was the guide and motivation for recovery. This collection is comprised of a series of five-line poems that began as a focusing exercise yet transformed into a remarkable channel for her creativity. These poems are filled with the same features that have pervaded her work, meaning they are serious, at times playful, sometimes beautiful and sometimes "goofy. Pulitzer Prize—winning poet Rae Armantrout is at once a most intimate and coolly calculating poet.

Her language is unexpected yet exact, playing off the collective sense that the shifting ground of daily reality may be a warning of imminent systemic collapse.

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Sometimes funny, sometimes alarming, the poems in Wobble play peek-a-boo with doom. As much a meditation on language as a coming to terms with middle age, these stories navigate the distance between words and worlds. The residents of The Sound of Holding Your Breath could be neighbors, sharing the same familiar landscapes of twenty-first-century Appalachia.

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They could be your neighbors. Siblings grapple with the death of their sister-in-law at the hands of their brother. Rewilding , a relatively new ecological term, means to return an area of land to its original state. Ultimately, these poems tap into what is wild and good in all of us. Unflinching in their portrayal of the traumas and conflicts of fictional Welsh Americans, these stories also embrace multiple communities and diverse experiences in linked, innovative narratives. Stories for People Who Watch TV wallows in the familiar settings and quotidian delights left out of all your favorite television shows.

Whether with family, at work, or chatting with neighbors these characters continually fail to identify social norms or strike any kind of near appropriate tone. Can a bad situation be resolved by making bad decisions? These characters are determined to find out. On the surface these stories are funny, but if thought about for more than a lingering moment, they are clearly sad and upsetting. Turn its pages and bask in its warming glow. These poems balance between the harrowing and the beautiful, hovering at the precipice where women are both horseback riding heroines and battered mothers striving to protect their homes, their children, their identities.

These poems are knives thrown with precision, fairytales rendered real through the grit and dirt of the natural world surrounding their imperfect speakers. Transformations abound in this collection, though not by any conventional fairytale means, as Shaindel Beers with her knife-sharp wit and even sharper intuition unveils the nuance within the nuance of any situation. The book is an ode to failure, a rallying cry for the inevitability of pain and the acceptance of loss.

It is a reminder that in hiding from pain, in shying away from failure, we forget what is most essential in ourselves. What forges the unique human personality? In Island in the City , Micah McCrary, taking his genetic inheritance as immutable, considers the role geography has played in shaping who he is. Place often leaves indelible marks which we carry with us. Each place has the power to form or revise our personhood.


McCrary considers three places he has called home Normal, Illinois; Chicago; and Prague and reflects on how these surroundings have shaped him. His sharp-eyed, charming memoir-in-essays contemplates how aspects of his identity, such as being black, male, middle-class, queer, and American, have developed and been influenced by where he hangs his hat. A celebration of the elements, this collection approaches Michigan at the atomic level. This is a place where weather patterns and ecology matter. From freshwater lakes that have shaped the ground beneath us to the industrial ebb and flow of iron ore and wind power—ours is a state of survival and transformation.

Circa offers an examination of our collective desperation for meaningful context in which to place and rationalize the actions we take.

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On August 1, , Charles Whitman performed the first televised mass shooting in American history. Jo Scott-Coe discovered the report of this interview nearly fifty years later. As a stray Catholic, she was intrigued. Growing up in a gang in the city can be dark. Growing up Native American in a gang in Chicago is a whole different story.

This book takes a trip through that unexplored part of Indian Country, an intense journey that is full of surprises, shining a light on the interior lives of people whose intellectual and emotional concerns are often overlooked. This dark, compelling, occasionally inappropriate, and often hilarious linked story collection introduces a character who defies all stereotypes about urban life and Indians. The romance between F.

Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre has been celebrated as one of the greatest of the 20th century.

Despite their love, both Scott and Zelda engaged in flirtations that threatened to tear the couple apart. Even as the broader LGBT community enjoys political and societal advances in North America, the bisexual community still contends with decades of misinformation stereotyping them as innately indecisive, self-loathing, and untrustworthy. Kate Harrad's anthology of a thriving identity yearning to realize itself provides a vision of bisexuality that is beyond gay and straight, rather than left to merely occupy the space between.

Best American Experimental Writing , guest-edited by Myung Mi Kim, is the fourth edition of the critically acclaimed anthology series compiling an exciting mix of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and genre-defying work. Absences addresses the themes of loss of youth, loss of innocence, isolation, separation, exile, death, the absence of familiarity, affection, and above all the loss or absence of love. Ultimately, the sequence is a celebration of life, even if life's great peroration is death, and even if we all die the same death over and over again.

This New Edition of Tsigan includes new poems by Cecilia Woloch reflecting the ongoing saga of the Roma people and includes an expanded and updated timeline based on her new research. Praise for Tsigan: The Gypsy Poem New Edition : "I read and reread it with admiration, indeed, but also with gratitude for the realization, the authenticity of its wandering fire. What depth and scope are given here to the very image of Tsigan, the Gypsy, until it becomes the spirit itself. S Merwin. Moore's essays explore the experiences of a contemporary feminist within the worlds of co-parenting, the absurdities of online dating, the art of mothering in a time of protest, the complexity of prescription drugs, and reflecting on generations of men and women in her Swedish- and Cuban-American family.

Green Hill is delightful, enlightening and inspirational, and an exceptional winner of the Able Muse Book Award. Something an Atheist Might Bring Up at a Cocktail Party explores what it means to encounter crisis in a godless world. The poems range from lyrics to dramatic monologues, and while they do not all address the idea of religion directly, the sense of our aloneness informs each of the poems. Jonah Mixon-Webster urgently considers the poetics of space and body, of race and region, of sexuality and class in the present day within the architecture of the current collective crisis and imagination.

In the Latinx comics community, there is much to celebrate, with more Latinx comic book artists than ever before. Taken individually and together, these creators—including such legendary artists as Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Roberta Gregory, and Kat Fajardo—and their works show the world that when it comes to Latinx comics, there are no limits to matters of content and form. The colonial history of southern California is interwoven through Adonia Lugo's story of growing up Chicana in Orange County, becoming a bicycle anthropologist, and co-founding Los Angeles's hallmark open streets cycling event, CicLAvia, along the way.

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When she takes on racism in the world of national bicycle advocacy in Washington, DC, she finds her voice and heads back to LA to organize the movement for environmental justice in active transportation. Advance praise from Amy Gerstler: "A proud daughter of Appalachia, Blevins gifts us with vivid glimpses of where she came of age. Reading her beautiful, linguistically limber, cascading descriptions is like shooting the rapids with an expert river rider at the helm. Eclectic characters in everyday scenarios populate Jacob M. These poems present—often unapologetically—uncomfortable truths gleaned from close examination of social norms and conventions mostly taken for granted.

The whole world, visible and invisible, inhabits this wonderful new book. In , Christopher Soto and Lambda Literary Foundation founded the online journal Nepantla, with the mission to nurture, celebrate, and preserve diversity within the queer poetry community as the experiences of QPOC in the United States.

Now, Nepantla appears for the first time in print as a survey of poetry by queer poets of color throughout U. Corral, Chen Chen, and more! Every summer since , Connors has been perched in a tower 50 feet above the Gila Wilderness, watching for fire. Connors channels their voices in a praise song of great urgency and makes a plea to save a vital piece of our natural and cultural heritage: the wild Gila River, whose waters are threatened by a potential dam.